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Thank you in advance..OPENING ROR OUR 26th SEASON


Come see us for this year's gardening needs.

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: 8am - 4pm
Sun: 12pm - 4pm


Closed during severe weather.

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Celebrating our 27th season

I personally plant after EARTH DAY, April 22. EASTER IS APRIL 21 so that is a good time this year.  We are Closed Easter.

We are closed during severe weather. Call first.

NOTICE: not all varieties are available at the opening of season. We have some ready for the "Early Bird" gardeners.  My suggested plant date is close to Earth Day, April 22nd. This is when the ground starts warming up and chance of frost is usually over. This is when all the varieties will be available. Planting too early causes the plants to struggle, and I personally have no time to "baby-sit" tomato plants. Peppers don't grow well until the ground gets very warm. They like it hot! Also, we grow 4 different tomato plantings during the season.

Usually we have 5 inch plants and taller at all times.  I don't plant the "cut worm" size. I like taller plants so I can plant deep in the ground. You need to put 80% of the tomato plant deep in the ground, large or small.


Click here then scroll towards the bottom to see our recent article by Kathleen Trent of Madison County Master Gardeners.

About Us

Welcome to the Sweet Lips Greenhouse. We are a Tennesse State Certified grower of over 60 varieties of Tomato plants, 24 varieties of pepper plants, and more varieties than I can count of flowers, heirlooms, garden seed, herbs, hanging baskets, annuals and more!

Our Nursery



Our Products section is a great way for you to take a look at some of the things we offer, such as vegetables, flowers, herbs, and over 71 varieties of tomatoes.



Want to see pictures of the Nursery and my family? Click below to take a look at what life is like at the Nursery. When you're done, come see us in person!



Need to speak with us, have questions, or need a map of how to get here? Click below for the Contact section. We close during severe weather.


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